March 12, 2008

To whom it may concern:

Sunil Rohira was without question, one of the main reasons that my 2 year stay in India was so successful. He and his family became friends and they made sure that my stay was amazing.

Sunil asked what I was looking for in a place to stay, and found exactly what I wanted. He found me a housekeeper/cook who was very skilled at her job, a pleasure to be around, and who can speak, read and write English well. She is very trustworthy and Sunil knew everything about her and her family and their background. She became part of my family when I was in India.

When an American friend's son ran into trouble while I was out of town, I made one phone call to Sunil and it was handled, swiftly, efficiently, and delicately.

He knows his way around the government offices, so all paperwork is handled painlessly.

If I were heading back to India to live today, the first call that I would make would be to Sunil Rohira. Everything after that phone call would be easy.

Best regards,

Les Nordhauser
Greenlight Films
Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: +66 87719 7281
E-mail: Les@greenlight.co.th

Vice President - Production
Sony Entertainment Television - India
Mumbai, India

Sunil provides the ultimate in relocation service. He gets beyond the obvious and understands the family needs and requirements. Then he does the work necessary to match the needs with his immense local knowledge of the city and its resources. The result is a very successful settlement.

Sunil's personal commitment to the job is rare in the industry and our family has found that he derives pleasure from seeing families become comfortable and successful in their new residence. For us he was a source of great guidance and awesome information. He was always available to solve our issues.


I met Sunil Rohira for the first time in 1994, as my company (the global car manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroen) was contemplating a massive investment in India involving the relocation of 20 expatriates (from France and England) and their families. When the contract was signed and the project took off in January 1995, I was transferred to Mumbai as general manager, corporate control and finance, of the local joint-venture. One of my missions was to supervise the administrative, fiscal and human resources aspects of our project, both at corporate level and at individual level for the 20 expatriates. This was a huge challenge as in those days, there was relatively little experience for multinationals to deal with the Indian tax system and the Indian administration - not to mention the real estate market (leasing lodging for the expatriates), a task that was freighted with significant financial and legal hurdles.

We appointed Sunil Rohira (then acting as an independent counselor) to provide us services, ranging form the most strategic ones (designing the tax and corporate policies, negotiating the necessary licences) to the most practical ones (looking for appartments, negociating lease agreements, obtaining visa clearances). We would never have reached our goals without his assistance. We truly appreciated his reliability, his honesty, his pragmatism and his in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of relocation. At a personal level, he became for me and for many expatriates a friend and a very enthusiastic "mediator" to Indian life and Indian civilization. In a first place, his empathy enabled him to understand where we westerners were coming from, and which problems or anxieties we had to face as we were adjusting to our new posting in India.

On behalf of all my former colleagues from PSA Peugeot Citroen, I heartily recommend Sunil Rohira to any firm, in any industry and from any size, seeking to start or develop business in India.

Nicolas DOUCET

Director, business development
1, Stumpfstrasse
Tel + 49 721 96 51 415


We needed our visas renewed urgently - Bhavana delivered the goods , on time and within budget and with a minimum of stress.


Cathal Rabbitte|Vice President
Swiss Re Services India Private Limited | 9th Floor, Essar House,
11 Keshavrao Khadye Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400 034, India


Bhavana was very polite and helpful during my FRRO registration.

Best wishes


Timothy Rennnie

Conde nast India Pvt. Ltd.


" Without the Professional and timely assistance offered by Sunil, my move to Mumbai would have not happened in the seamless manner in which it did - clearly Sunil understands and is able to deliver on the complications that need to be dealt with of moving a family of four from London to Mumbai. I would highly recommend his expertise in this area "

Also, a colleague of mine is joining me from London and would highly recommend to CS to use Sunil's services for his move.


Credit Suisse