Service Delivery Process

Our implementation methodology is consistent with the client's policy. Implementation plan and guide is developed keeping in mind and aligning with the company policies and procedures. Training of the consultants ensures competent service methodology. A complete relocation Process Flow and process mapping becomes the benchmark of the service delivery process supported by forms and a full feedback reporting mechanism to establish clear performance expectations and measurements. The service delivery process is rolled out only after mapping out the existing client policies or creating fresh policies to meet the new challenges including drawing up off a housing Grid matrix for all concerned locations in line with market realities, and putting together all relocation benefits and entitlements for each grade and level.

We have our own established network of real estate agents in all our service locations, which are managed by our internal Real estate consultants. We work with real estate agents and companies, who have proved their ability to deliver as per our client's expectations in the past. We thus standardize the agents we use in each location based on past experiences and their willingness to follow the brief, every time. Also their involvement and support in the business is a strong case for recognition.

Also important is their integrity and honesty. Real estate Industry in India is still very much an unorganized sector and to sift through the clutter to identify the most appropriate provider is the responsibility of our consultants.

We also have a feedback mechanism in place, which helps us maintain our quality standards. Every service completion is followed by a feedback report to analyze the quality of services delivered. This feedback system is over and above a multitude of other forms and checkpoints to report and correct any deviation from the set process.

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