Departure Service

Before leaving for a new assignment to a new location, an assignee and the family require to take care of some formalities like, closing of bank accounts, termination of any contracts, closure of all memberships and subscriptions etc. On the personal front, they need assistance in packing and transportation of their House Hold Goods, travel arrangements and disposition of utilities and furniture not being carried with them. Other pre departure support includes, handing back of house/property to the current landlord and collection of all deposits and outstanding advances, retaking of inventory. ELSI Relo supports the assignee with all the departure activities, through it s departure services program.


  • Inform landlord, utility companies, schools, clubs of departure plans and dates.
  • Assistance with custom clearances
  • Assistance with Exit formalities
  • Assistance with lease cancellations and return of security deposit
  • Disconnection of utilities and telephone with refund of deposit
  • Closing of bank accounts
  • Cancel all memberships, school enrollments and arrange for deposit refunds
  • Termination of the car hire agreement and deposit refunds
  • Termination of any subscriptions.
  • Official check-out of house and inventory before moving out
  • Assistance in disposing off of all household goods not being carried.