Home Search Services

ELSI Relo, through its established network of real estate agents excelling in executive housing can help assess the needs and budgets and provide expert guidance for the home selection process. We help the assignee with the search and selection of the property, lease negotiations, legal, registration and the inspection and inventory check.


  • Tour limited to pre-selected neighborhoods and residential colonies.
  • Limited to three days.
  • Appoint a real estate consultant based on the requirements of the family and the proficiency of the real estate agent to meet those requirements.
  • Accompany Assignee and family to all scheduled appointments
  • Preview all properties where possible
  • Describe major positives and negatives of each property and area.
1. Lease Negotiations
  • The Consultant will attempt to negotiate favorable lease terms, explaining to the landlord that the tenant is a relocating Assignee and that the employer will typically stand behind the rental payment.
  • Where possible negotiate the Diplomatic clause into the lease allowing the Assignee to terminate the lease early if the Assignee is transferred by his or her Employer to another area
  • For the benefit of Assignee, negotiate favorable conditions. i.e. lease term to match the needs of the Assignee and the family, pets, deposits, repairs maintenance, extermination/cleaning etc.
  • Destination Consultant request company s legal advisors to review property lease prior to signing.
2. Inspection And Inventory Check
  • Coordinate inspection with real estate broker/agent/estate agent
  • Destination Consultant walks through property.
  • If furnished, check inventory content and condition. Make notes as appropriate and sign and date inventory to prove record
  • The real estate (house/apartment unit, grounds and outbuildings) - Check condition and note all obvious defects-make notes as appropriate and sign and date inventory to prove record.