HHG (Household Goods Packing and Moving)

A very important part of any assigneemove is the movement of personal effects and Pets to the destination. ELSI through its partner end2end logistics Network, is solely responsible for providing you with trouble free movement, and a similar quality of service at origin as well as at the destination any where in India or the world, thus providing a seamless movement and delivery of House Hold Goods. ELSI also provides HHG moving services to practically every major destination within India or any other country in the world through its global network.

  • Physical survey linked quotation for door to door shipment of house hold goods.
  • Assistance with and supervision during household goods packing.
  • Inspection of goods before departure.
  • Coordination of storage and movement of goods.
  • Coordination of Insurance of goods.
  • Reduces turnaround time and anxieties.
  • Our services save time, effort and money for the company in calling for quotations from various moving and packing companies. .
  • The annual contract option gives you the option of budgeting these services and thus reducing the costs of shipping and the three quote system.
  • Homogeneous quality of services at origin as well as destination. .