Look-See And Preview Trips

This is a structured program wherein the family, in the process of making a decision on taking an assignment at the destination is exposed to the country and the destination city. These trips give the family an overview of the available infrastructure and housing, school and educational facilities. It also familiarizes them with social bodies and clubs, shopping and dining options, leisure and transportation facilities, and exposes them to daily living issues.


  • Area tour
  • Accompany assignee to view housing options
  • Information on/visits to schools
  • Information on activities for children
  • Information on local assignee organizations, activities for spouse/domestic partner.
  • Information on/visits to healthcare facilities
  • Information on/ visits to sports facilities
  • Information on/ visits to clubs and health clubs
  • Information on/ visits to markets and grocery shops
  • Information on recreational and entertainment options
  • Introduction to one expatriate family preferably from the same country.
  • Limited to One or Two days.