Settling In Services

Support services like identification, purchase and installation of the right furnishings, furniture, appliances, Power backups, Air conditioners and automobile purchase and lease are available.

Talong with arranging and connections of the utilities and advise on bank account opening, school admissions and assistance in completing all forms, and also to orient the family with the new location

Features: Limited to three days of support.

1. Furniture, Furnishings, Appliances, Power backups, Air        conditioners

  • Purchase: From list provided by Assignee, recommend stores and suggest typical prices for each item. Provide addresses and telephone numbers of suitable stores. Accompany assignee if required and help negotiate and close deal
  • Rental: From list provided by Assignee, suggest one or more furniture rental providers (name, address, and telephone number). Accompany assignee if required and help negotiate and close deal.
2. Utilities
    i.Contact all necessary utility companies, like telephones, gas connections and mobile phone services
    ii.Arrange and Coordinate
  • Connection
  • Correct billing address
  • Correct date of hook up requirement
3. Bank
    Advise Assignee what documents are needed to open accounts.
  • Name, address and telephone number of suitable local or international banks.
  • Accompany to bank and provide assistance to complete necessary forms.
4. Insurance
    Names addresses and telephone numbers of providers.
5. Schooling Assistance
  • Provide addresses, name of principal and telephone number as appropriate of:
  • Preschool
  • Private tuition
  • Public

  • i.International
    ii.Coordinate appointments with principals and accompany as necessary.
    iii.Provide information on potential schools to meet childs needs/interests (i.e. schools with concentration on athletics, academia, arts)
    IV.Advise assignee of required forms and paperwork etc. to meet local requirements (i.e. immunizations/certificate of residency, etc)
6. Local Area Orientation
    Provide overview and information on the following practical as well as cultural aspects of daily living list:
  • Post office
  • Medical facilities, including specialist doctors and nursing homes
  • Shopping facilities
  • Information on telephone connection and mobile phones networks.
  • Public transportation
  • Major highways
  • Safety guidelines
  • Local baby-sitting / nanny agencies
  • Religious institutions
  • Leisure/sports/health clubs/facilities
  • Arts (cinemas, museums, galleries)
  • Restaurants/cafes/bars/clubs
  • Local media (newspapers, radio, TV, media)
  • Local parks
7. Household Help
  • Advise on household help, car driver, security guard, etc for the family
  • Assistance with salaries and terms of service.
  • Advise and assist with the necessary police verifications and registrations of the household help done.
8. Moving In assistance
  • Help in setting up the new place
  • Assistance on move in day.